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28 Mar 14 Blog 1

5 MMOs You Should Have to Pay For

There used to be a time when free video game you found online weren’t exactly top tier games.   However, thanks to the micro transaction model (love it or hate it), more game developers are creating fun, professional and wildly entertaining video games that are free to download and play.  The companies then make their profits from the most dedicated of players who are willing to pay for items that grant them a competitive edge.  Below are three video games that you should, at the least, try out today. The downloads are quick and the learning curve is pretty easy on all of these games.





Hearthstone is Blizzard’s newest game.  It is a digital, collectable card game based in the Warcraft universe.  Players are randomly assigned a class to start, and must conquer each individual class in order to play as that particular class/character.   As a player levels up each class deck, they are given new bonus card packs that allow more strategy to be implemented into their decks.  The higher ranking players you play, the more powerful their cards will be.  This game is highly addictive once you understand beginning strategies.


Play Hearthstone for free

Screenshot from a card battle

hearthstone screenshot

Class/ Character Options

play hearthstone free online


World of Tanks


play the world of tanks online for free


World of Tanks is made by Wargaming and is a free MMO that places players in the seat of various tanks for battles that can either be won via killing the entire opposing fleet or having enough friendly tanks in the opponent’s start location for long enough that their base is captured.  The game plays much more like a high stakes chess match that has an immense player base, which means their is next to no wait time in order to join a new battle.  This game happens to be a favorite free game at Rock Videogames, the graphics are excellent, the ui and controls on point and the game forces players to think and act strategically instead of zerging around mindlessly.  Try it out, thank us later.


Play World of Tanks for free.

World of Tanks Art

free online mmo war game pvp


 Beginning Area and Formation

wot screen2



World of Warplanes


free online flight simulator

World of Warplanes is another game created by Wargaming, only instead of tanks, the game allows players to experience combat as a pilot in over one hundred different types of aircraft.   The game features a player verse player option of 15 v 15.   Like World of Tanks, in World of Warplanes you can win your match if you are able to either eliminate all enemy aircraft or you gain control over the skies.


Play World of Warplanes for free.


 Attacking an Enemy Vessel



Flying in the Pacific

free multiplayer flight simulator



 Other Free Games You’ve Probably Already Heard Of

 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic




League of Legends