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World of Tanks [Now FREE to play; Click Here]
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World of Tanks [Now FREE to play; Click Here]

The World of Tanks is a great, in browser game that pits two multiplayer teams against each other in a strategic battle of tanks.


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Random battles

There are three types of random battle; Standard, Assault and Encounter. Players have the option to be excluded from Assault and Encounter battles. All random battles consist of two teams of 15 randomly selected players on a randomly selected map.

  • Standard
The goal is to capture the enemy flag/base or eliminate all enemy tanks within 15 minutes. If time expires it is a draw.
  • Assault
The attacking team has to capture the defending team’s base or all enemy tanks are destroyed. If time expires the defending team wins.
  • Encounter
Two teams fight to capture a single neutral base or eliminate all enemy tanks within 15 minutes. If time expires it is a draw.


  • Team Battle is the new game mode in the 8.9 update. It features game match-making based on skill, kills and time spent on servers.


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Team Training

In this mode, a player can make a room and select the map to play. It can be decided to be open to the public, or by invitation. This mode is used for experiments with various tank mechanics, learning new maps, strategic planning and movement, and as a place to train others. There are no experience points or credits gained in this mode and any repairs needed for vehicle are free except for expended shells and equipment (consumables used).

Tank Company

A player can create a team in four divisions. Each division has different tier points requirement. Companies are available in 4 divisions: Junior, Medium, Champion and Absolute.

Team Battle

A new mode introduced in patch 0.8.9, players can make their own teams or join teams made by others, either manually or via a new, special matchmaking system. This mode uses the same rules as the popular 7/42 tournaments: 7 tanks maximum and 42 tier points maximum. Tier limit for all tanks is tier 8. This mode has limited map selection: Abbey, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Steppes and a few others. In patch 0.9.10, a lot more maps will be playable. A popular setup to go with is five tier 8 tanks and two tier 1’s for scouting.

Clan Battles

World of Tanks offers a unique battle mode called Clan Wars in which, for a moderate amount of gold, players can create their own Clan and fight with other friends. On the Global Map, Clan Commanders can land on a province and try to capture it (by fighting against other clans who have applied for landing) and then receive a certain amount of gold every day.


Players can compete in organized bracket-style tournaments of teams consisting of a specified number of players using tanks of a specified type. Winners of the bracket receive gold, and in certain tournaments special prizes such as computer parts.


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